Maintenance for Stone Counters

Following this routine will keep your stone counters glossy and stain-free


Hot water and a dish rag or sponge are all you need to clean spills and wipe away crumbs to keep your kitchen countertops clean. A good granite counter cleaner from a grocery store will disinfect, shine and protect your countertops.


Remove (or move aside) all items on the counter and use the granite cleaner over the entire surface, including the edges, to remove all dust and debris from around appliances, containers, etc. This will condition the stone and help it maintain its overall luster.


A temporary granite polish can be used periodically (weekly to monthly as you like) to enhance the shine. Polish products “enhance” the shine (like waxing a car), improves cleaning, help eliminate fingerprints, and provide a slight bit of protection. A topical polish may temporarily improve the look of scratched or damaged stone, but it will not correct the problem. Topical polishes wear off with regular use and cleaning. If your granite needs resurfacing, let us know. We can bring it back to a glossy luster with our commercial polishing equipment.


You’ll read and hear that you should be sealing granite every year or every three years, but the proper frequency for applying a granite sealer is not set in stone and really depends on a number of variables. Testing will tell you when it’s time. Granite should only be sealed when it is absorbing water.

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