Sealing Granite Counters

Proper Care and Sealing of Stone and Granite

With proper care, stone countertops and floors are durable, resilient and age beautifully. Think Egyptian Pyramids and the Roman Colosseum! Here are a few simple tips to keep your countertops glossy and stain free for the life of your home.

Ugly Myths

One of the biggest myths we hear is that “all” natural stone “must” be sealed and re-sealed often. This is false. Many stones are naturally dense with very low absorbency to stains. Over-sealing produces ugly hazing  that is very difficult to remove.  It is simple to avoid this common mistake and keep your counters brilliant and beautiful.

Beautiful Truths

When counters need sealing, it is important to do so. Liquids with color, such as grape juice and red wine, cooking oil and fats can discolor your surfaces. (Pizza grease is a common culprit.) While these stains can often be removed by a professional, it is important not to apply new sealer until the stain is completely removed.


We hope you found this article helpful. If you have further questions or maintenance service needs, send us a quick message. We are here to help.


Need expert repair or maintenance?

Stains, cracks, chips, or hazing can make your stone look worse for wear. Ask about our maintenance and repair services. Bring back beautiful!
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