Choosing Stone and Grout Sealer

Our Sealer Recommendation

One of the most common questions we hear is, “What sealer do you recommend?” As with most stone and granite professionals, we use 511 Miracle brand sealers when we install new granite and stone surfaces.

Why is sealing important? 

Natural stone is porous. Regular sealing as needed will keep water, dirt and oils from staining your new surface. By sealing your natural stone and grout, you can keep your investment beautiful for many years to come.  See our post about caring for granite for important tips.

Which 511 Sealer is right for your needs? 

If you are sealing granite and other less-porous stone,  Impregnating Sealer is sufficient. For surfaces such as concrete, which are far more prorous, we recommend going for the Porous Plus Sealant. Both products are safe when cured for use on surfaces that will come in contact with food. We recommend 511 Miracle Sealers because  are are oil and water resistant. This is an important benefit because it locks out oil-based stains or keep them close to the surface where one of our experts can restore them, if needed. Beware of using sealers that do not protect against oil-based stains.

How often should I seal?

Most stone surfaces should be sealed every six months to a year. Sealing too soon or incorrectly can leave an ugly haze residue, which is difficult to remove. Use the water puddle test to determine if it is time to seal. Our post on granite care describes how to seal your stone correctly. 

If you have a question, give us a call or email us. Phone: 509-412-8250, Email:

Let us know if run into an issue with your granite, quartz, stone, or tile. We offer stone and tile maintenance/repair services.

Note:  Tri-Cities Diamond is an Amazon affiliate for 511 Miracle Sealers.

Need expert repair or maintenance?

Stains, cracks, chips, or hazing can make your granite look worse for wear. Ask about our maintenance and repair services. Bring back beautiful!
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